Gratitude List

Gratitude list for January 15, 2024 including weekly prayer list

Weekly prayer list below:

Gratitude list for January 15, 2024 – 1. Grateful for an awesome manager at the Sketchers store. 2. Grateful for an awesome home group meeting. 3. Grateful for not procrastinating on getting prep work done for a meeting. 4. Grateful for a nap. 5. Grateful for the incredibly beautiful clouds I saw.

Weekly Prayer List:

I know the power of prayer and am grateful to all those that take time to pray for those on this list. Please let me know if you want to add anyone and please provide updates that I can share with the group. We always want to know how people we are praying for are doing.

Below is this week’s list:

**Those that need prayers and can’t ask for various reasons.
**Dawn – First surgery was successful. Recuperating and preparing for the second surgery.
**Mary Cox – Chemo going well so far with no complications

Prayer list:
**Tammi Tillman – Getting ready for double mastectomy; further treatment will be decided later.
**Jim – Cancer has spread and trying to figure out treatment choices
**Jo – Brain tumor – Had surgery; radiation is very difficult & complicated
**Request for a friend and a 2 yo boy both fighting cancer
**Randi Shapiro – Back on chemo.
**Esther Makau AlEm – Needs a better job to be able to provide for her children. She is in Nairobi.
**Alica – Gd know
**Annette – Multiple brain bleeds from a fall. Entered hospice today. No chance to recover.

You are special so be good to yourself today!!!

  • Dear Dad, Well, here it is again - the 40th Father’s Day without you.  As I write this, it feels like I am talking about someone else.  You died when I was 21.  I remember the first many Father's Days without you, and they were horrible.  The day was spent getting
    I remember saying “I can’t believe…" or “the strangest thing happened” or something similar on several occasions throughout my life. As I began my spiritual journey, I started wondering if all the coincidences in my life were maybe more than that, but I didn’t give the subject much more thought
    *In January 2014, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My diagnosis would begin an incredible journey I never would have known to pray for. Nine months later, I wrote this letter. Dear Cancer, I am a bit surprised that I didn’t think of writing this letter sooner, but I feel
    Grateful for my workout… slowly getting back to it. Grateful for sharing my truth with my boss. Grateful for a wonderful conversation with someone that wants to start their own business. Grateful for my first day of no sugar. Grateful for a call from a very special friend and our