Gratitude List

Gratitude List for January 3, 2024

  1. Grateful for sharing something painful in a meeting I felt safe in.
  2. Grateful for a new attitude towards something central in my life.
  3. Grateful for acknowledging a success I have achieved that I truly didn’t realize until a meeting last night.
  4. Grateful for choosing to reach out to the CEO of a huge company regarding a matter I don’t feel has been addressed appropriately.
  5. Grateful for a sponsee that wants to and does call when they have something special to share.

You are special so be good to yourself today!!!

  • *In January 2014, I was diagnosed with breast cancer. My diagnosis would begin an incredible journey I never would have known to pray for. Nine months later, I wrote this letter. Dear Cancer, I am a bit surprised that I didn’t think of writing this letter sooner, but I feel
    This is part two of my multi-part series on what I have gained from the coronavirus.  To read part one, click here. When this all began, I never would have imagined this would be what I’d write about.  I feel blessed beyond words to have so much to share.  Because
    Many years ago, my friend Greg Pierce shared that “faith” is an acronym for finding answers in the heart.  Rather than looking outside myself for the answers I seek, I only need to look within.  Sometimes I remember that, and sometimes emotions overcome me to the point that I am
    This morning I woke up remembering this day 10 years ago as if it was yesterday. It was a day like any other, January 26, 2014. For some reason I was working from home which I didn’t normally do at that time. I’m in sales so my phone (hopefully) rings