The hardships presented to us in life, no matter how difficult, are really opportunities in disguise, chances to learn and grow. We can be satisfied with getting by, just making it through our roughest hours. Or we can do more. We can draw strength and wisdom from the difficult. We can nurture our gratitude for even the smallest spark of light in the dark.

We can do more than survive. We can thrive.

My life has presented its share of challenges, that’s for sure. From a dysfunctional childhood to the loss of my parents at a young age, my battle with addiction to my battle with self-esteem, and more, I explore my life experiences and their impact here. For much of my life, I used these difficulties as excuses for why I didn’t step up. It took time, effort, and quite a bit of self-reflection, but I was able to reorient my thinking and motivation. I stopped using the negative things in my life as excuses and started using them as reasons to be better and do better.

Now, I bring my message to others, sharing the valuable life lessons I’ve learned and hoping that my journey will bring clarity to someone else. I am available to speak on a number topics. I pull lessons from my life experiences to help others see that the major transitions in their lives are opportunities for growth, gratitude, and optimism.

Life Transitions

Life transitions include moving houses, getting married, getting divorced, aging, etc. I’ve found that these types of life events, whether wanted or unwanted, are times full of uncertainty, but they don’t have to be times of fear. I can help you learn to embrace the uncertainty.

Professional Transitions

Professional transitions can be great opportunities to learn more about yourself and to challenge your perception of yourself. I was fired for the first time in my life at 53. That seemingly negative experience turned into one of the most empowering transitions in my life. New doors opened up for me, and I found that my capabilities were greater than I ever knew.

Personal Transitions

Through my journeys with Recovery and Weight Watchers, I have looked within, evaluated the good, the bad, and they ugly, and found a deep sense of self-love. Personal transitions in life are times to self-reflect and find self-acceptance.

Health Transitions

Major health transitions are complete upheavals of your life, and so often they come unexpectedly. When your body betrays you, and you feel the world is moving on without you, it can be difficult to find anything to be grateful for. When I was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2014, I decided to make my breast cancer journey purposeful. Throughout chemo and beyond, I nurtured my ability to find gratitude for even the smallest of things.


My message and delivery draw on my life experiences and background in stand-up comedy. I’ve had the the pleasure of speaking before many groups. Some of the events I’ve spoken at include Recovery conventions, data security events, religious groups, and foundation benefits. While I have a number of stories about these events, I’ll share with you one in particular that was particularly special for me.

2017 Atlanta Cancer Care Foundation Fundraiser

The Atlanta Cancer Care Foundation provides support for patients who are struggling financially. Every year, the foundation holds a fundraiser and asks one patient and one doctor to speak. I was honored to be invited to speak in 2017. I used this speech to talk about the challenges of cancer treatment and shared personal stories about other patients I’d met who benefit from the work Atlanta Cancer Care does. One woman had difficulties paying for utilities and providing food for her family. Her sons did everything they could to aid their mother, even having a garage sale to make extra money for the family. The foundation helps women like her becuase when you’re fighting for your life, you shouldn’t have to worry about where your next meal is coming from.

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