Gratitude List

Gratitude List for January 1, 2024

  1. Grateful for waking up early and attending a 30 minute spiritual meeting online to start the year off right.
  2. Grateful for a call with my sponsor to catch her up on everything going on with me.
  3. Grateful for a call with a lady that is going to help me get my blog going again.
  4. Grateful for getting more organized in my home.
  5. Grateful for remembering to be compassionate.
You are special so be good to yourself today!!!
  • I remember saying “I can’t believe…" or “the strangest thing happened” or something similar on several occasions throughout my life. As I began my spiritual journey, I started wondering if all the coincidences in my life were maybe more than that, but I didn’t give the subject much more thought
    I have been competitive in every area of my life for as long as I can remember. In most, but not all cases, it has served me well. A crossroads has been placed in front of me that I am figuring out how to navigate. In my mind I know
    Weekly prayer list below:Gratitude list for January 15, 2024 – 1. Grateful for an awesome manager at the Sketchers store. 2. Grateful for an awesome home group meeting. 3. Grateful for not procrastinating on getting prep work done for a meeting. 4. Grateful for a nap. 5. Grateful for the
    You may or may not have noticed there were no posts the last few weeks.  My life has felt like it turned upside down.  Physically, spiritually, and emotionally I have been completely off kilter.  My visits to the gym have been, well, nil other than once in the last 7