Gratitude List

Gratitude List for January 1, 2024

  1. Grateful for waking up early and attending a 30 minute spiritual meeting online to start the year off right.
  2. Grateful for a call with my sponsor to catch her up on everything going on with me.
  3. Grateful for a call with a lady that is going to help me get my blog going again.
  4. Grateful for getting more organized in my home.
  5. Grateful for remembering to be compassionate.
You are special so be good to yourself today!!!
  • The original plan was to see Bohemian Rhapsody, but I now know why I wound up seeing The Grinch. It was a replay of my childhood, my view on the holidays, and an insight to the possibilities when I allowed them to manifest. My childhood holidays didn’t need to be
    Grateful for going to my home group and seeing people I love. Grateful for meeting a lady at the meeting with 32 years in recovery and exchanging numbers. Grateful for being able to go grocery shopping. Grateful for being able to fall asleep in the midst of all the fireworks.
    Karen Fedder - Thrive - Do more than survive life!
    My friend Liz challenged her Facebook friends to come up with one word to focus on for the coming year. I immediately knew mine would be “believe”. The biggest thing that has held me back in achieving certain things has been myself. As the years ahead are fewer than those
    The first time I went to a chiropractor they told me the misalignments in my spine were called subluxations.  Whenever what I think, say, feel, and do are in alignment, I am at peace.  I have dubbed the term “spiritual subluxations” when any of those are out of whack.  These