There Are Always Good People in the World

Deciding to allow myself to be guided each day was a huge step for me.  I am a Type A personality that makes things happen; I don’t wait to react to what comes my way.  That concept can also work against me.  Over the last several months, I was slowly digging myself into a hole of depression.  I didn’t do anything about it, so it kept getting worse.  I’ve recently started seeing the light again.  Three amazing things have happened to prove, once again, that whatever I feed grows.

A couple weeks ago, I wrote about my car breaking down and how it turned out to be a wonderful experience.  A gentleman was kind enough to help jump my car.  We exchanged cards and talked about getting together.  He was gay, so it wasn’t as if he was hitting on me.  My new pal even called a few days later to see how things went with my car.  When I took my car in to be fixed, it turned out my new friend reversed the cables when jumping my car and blew a fuse.  $360 later my car was fixed.  I texted him to let him know how much I appreciated him and what had happened.  He offered to help pay, and though I said no thank you he insisted on sending me a check for more than 50% of the bill.  The kindness of a stranger casts a very bright light.

Without getting specific because it is work related, the manager of the facility where we rent space has chosen to go way above and beyond her responsibilities to help me.  It isn’t something I expected or even asked for.  Once again, the light is shining because I am not focused on the darkness.

I recently had to return a large piece of art and was having trouble getting it back in the box.  When the Fedex driver came to my door, I wasn’t ready to have him take the package and became flustered.  This kind gentleman went to his truck, got a roll of shipping tape, and helped me get it together for shipping.  There was no way I could have done it myself.   I could never have imagined he would not only be willing but would actually offer to help me.

There are more examples of these bright points, but I think you can see the pattern.  The light I chose to see attracted amazing people that helped me in ways I would never have known to ask for.  Each example could have been an excuse to be frustrated, angry, or any number of other emotions.  I truly believe that darkness casts a shadow and light guides goodness.

What is an example of a “bright light” shining through when you feel you are in darkness?

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  1. When I’m experiencing a hard time in my life, it can be so difficult to see the good. At these times I try to find things to be grateful for because, like you said, when you choose to see the light you attract more light. Even small things, like someone holding a door or stranger giving you a smile, can be so uplifting and give so much hope when times are tough.

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  • The only thing I know about my car is how to open the gas cap and fill up the tank.  When I recently had to call roadside assistance, I didn’t even know how to open the hood as they requested.  Instead, I pushed the button that raises the rear door
    There is a saying that you can’t fill a God-sized hole with man-sized things. I’ve come to learn what that means - when I have a void in my life, food, shopping, sleep, or anything else superficial won't fill it. Going inside, deep inside, finding the root cause, reaching out
    Grateful for my workout… slowly getting back to it. Grateful for sharing my truth with my boss. Grateful for a wonderful conversation with someone that wants to start their own business. Grateful for my first day of no sugar. Grateful for a call from a very special friend and our
    79 of my former classmates met last Sunday night on Zoom for our 45 year reunion.  I signed up and paid to go and then had what can best be described as an emotional relapse to the way I felt about myself and how I believed others perceived me dating