When In Doubt, Say It Out Loud

I woke up this morning second guessing my decision to buy another home and move to a new city. It went as far as my calling my real estate agent to find out what would happen if I backed out (closing is tomorrow). She talked me down off the ledge, reminding me how I looked at her when I stepped into the house and said I knew this was “the one”. I spoke to my sponsor who provided another perspective. She said if I decide in a year that I don’t like it, I can always move. Between the two of them I felt reassured.

My walkthrough was at 6:15, but I came up to the neighborhood early to see if any of my future neighbors were out so I could ask about their internet service. I saw a lady that walked into her house. I went to the front door, and her husband reluctantly answered the door. I assured him I wasn’t selling anything, but rather would be their new neighbor soon. He invited me in, and his wife walked over and introduced herself. Wow! She offered me a drink, we yapped, and she told me all about the neighborhood. She even took me over to see the clubhouse, pool, and workout room. I was impressed. I can even have parties there for free. They are having a “Welcome to the Neighborhood” party on the 10th for everyone new to the subdivision, and, of course, I am invited.

I put my concerns out to the universe and received my answers. I’m finally excited about the move, my new community, and what I have achieved in being able to do all this as a single woman. I can’t wait to see where my new adventure takes me.

*I initially wrote this post because I was feeling insecure about my decision, and I was so grateful to find reassurance and even excitement about such a big change. After I wrote this, something else would happen to reinforce my decision. Here’s the rest of the story.

While I was waiting for my final walk through, I found a Dunkin’ Donuts around the corner from my new home where I could get some work done. The only other people in there were two youngsters at a long table and a couple in line. I didn’t think twice about putting my stuff down to reserve a table near a power outlet, assuming I’d sit there after I ordered something. Don’t you know, when I went to sit at that table the couple that was in line had already sat there. Little did I know that yet again, God was doing what God does.

I had to sit near the youngsters because it was the only other place with a power plug. They were very polite when I apologized for intruding on their space. As things turned out, they lived right down the street from my new home. The girl, who was 22, told me about Fowler Park, which has an entrance to the Greenway, the place I walk with some Weight Watchers friends. They told me about the local restaurants in the area and assured me I was going to love living up there. The girl told me about being a nursing student and went on to tell me about the rotations she was doing at various hospitals in preparation for her graduation in May. She had such a gentle soul; nursing is the perfect career choice for her. I told her that if I ever wound up in the hospital again, I hope I have a nurse just like her.

They eventually left, as did I. I drove down to Fowler Park. It turns out it is only 2 miles from my new home. There was a sign stating they have fitness classes at lunchtime. The park was beautiful.

My walk through was emotional. After all the signs coming my way that day, I know I made the right choice buying this home. I will do everything I can to make it my own. I met another neighbor and his dog as I was leaving that evening. I just felt God’s presence that evening, and he was saying, “I can’t wait till you see what I have in store for you.” Isn’t that awesome?

  • My job is to acknowledge the need for help and humbly ask for it.  I recently had several great reminders to get out of the way and let the answers come from where they are supposed to.  The first and most recent example… A lady reached out on one of
    There is a saying that you can’t fill a God-sized hole with man-sized things. I’ve come to learn what that means - when I have a void in my life, food, shopping, sleep, or anything else superficial won't fill it. Going inside, deep inside, finding the root cause, reaching out
    When I was a teen in the 70’s, my family would periodically visit friends of my parents.  I so wished our family could be like them. They were happy and all got along.  In 1995, early in recovery, I remember going to a meeting because I was very upset about something.
    Grateful for my workout… slowly getting back to it. Grateful for sharing my truth with my boss. Grateful for a wonderful conversation with someone that wants to start their own business. Grateful for my first day of no sugar. Grateful for a call from a very special friend and our