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My Car Broke Down And It Was Amazing

I often talk about letting the universe guide me.  Well, today was an amazing example of the possibilities that come when I truly let go. 

For the first time in the six years that I have been going to the same accountant, I had everything ready, and I went to see him.  When I left less than an hour later, my car was dead.  My accountant is a great guy, but I quickly found out he was useless in this type of situation.  As luck would have it, a lady was getting in her car nearby and offered to have her boss help me.  A very handsome man came out and got my car jumped.  Great, I thought. I am going to be a few minutes late but I can still meet my girlfriend for dinner.

Unfortunately, the gas pedal didn’t want to do its job, and I had to get towed.  Between the time I found out that my roadside assistance expired and figuring out what I was going to do, the handsome man that had helped me drove by and stopped when he saw I was stuck again.  He quickly tried to help a second time but soon realized it was beyond his skill set.  I was pretty excited when he stayed and chatted with me only to find out he was gay and loved “old Jewish women.”  What a disappointment, but we exchanged numbers because he and his partner live near me.

Once the tow truck was arranged, a nice lady who was in her office came out and offered to let me sit with her in the warmth until the truck arrived.  It turned out she had an amazing store in the middle of an office park.  I was just getting ready to start looking around when the tow truck showed up.  She gave me her card and a hug, and I was on my way. 

I typically don’t do well when my car breaks down, but all these wonderful experiences helped me forget.   Little did I know what was yet to come.

To say I am a “chatty Cathy” would be an understatement.  My Russian tow truck driver, Maxim, showed up and didn’t have much interest in my banter.  He was very polite and kind, but he was on a mission to get my car dropped off quickly so he could move on to the next job.  I eventually got him to open up. On the drive to the dealership, he told me about his background.  He was very interesting and reserved at the same time.  It turns out his family is in Israel, but his Mom is not Jewish.  The conversation kept getting more interesting. 

Originally he told me he would take me to close to but not all the way to my house.  By the time we were on our way, he offered to drive me home.  He told me about his wife, how he started his company, and several other personal things.  I didn’t have any cash and offered to send him a check to tip him for his kindness.  He refused to entertain the idea.  I think he was satisfied just helping an old lady.

So, here is the lesson.  Normally, I would have been crying because my car was broken and I had no idea what was wrong.  I would be concerned about how much it was going to cost.  I was sure I was going to have to spend money getting a Lyft home.  I stayed calm just long enough to allow the gifts to start coming my way.  By the time I got out of the tow truck, I felt blessed.  I was grateful that what would normally have been an excuse to ruin the day became a reminder of how blessed I can be in any situation. I just need to be open to being guided to what the universe has in store for me.

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  1. Stories like this are a testament to who you are deep down, but also to the woman you have become on your journey. Your vulnerability is disarming, and it’s a service to those around you! Your tow truck driver is a perfect example – when we bring our walls down first, it gives others the courage to do the same. What an experience!

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